All members of the British Toastmaster Circle offer an individual service. We will perform our duties for our clients to you're specifications and requirements. Being as formal or informal as required, but always to a professional level. All members carry Public Liability Insurance of at least £5,000,000 and do not drink any alcohol when working.

Question. What should you as the client expect from a toastmaster? 

Answer. If you are considering hiring a toastmaster for any function. Remember, it's not what the toastmaster offers to do for you, It's what you want the toastmaster to do for you. 

I was asked once what a toastmaster does? Below is a brief description of the very minimum any toastmaster should be offering. All members of the British Toastmaster Circle work to the highest level of customer care, and we are proud of our members and their reputation for excellence.

Just to give you an insight to the services that a good toastmaster can bring. What would a toastmaster bring to the wedding! We will arrange to have as many meetings (usually two is ample, but that is your call) with you before the wedding to understand what your dreams for your big day are. We will work with you to form the structure of your day as well as working with your chosen wedding venue, photographer and caterer (and any other suppliers who you have hired to look after you) to work as a team to ensure that your dreams are translated into reality. If you haven't decided on a venue or other suppliers yet, we can offer recommendations. We are more than happy to attend your wedding rehearsal and meet the key players before your wedding day so that they can relax knowing they will also be looked after on your wedding day, which means that they can focus on supporting you (The Bride and Groom). On the wedding day itself, we will always arrive at least 1 hour early, so that your guests will be looked after as soon as they arrive for your Wedding Ceremony (whether this is at your chosen reception venue or taking place in a registry office, church, temple or synagogue). By being there as your guests arrive we can help with buttonholes and corsages and even cravats and ties. We will help your photographer / videographer to ensure that everyone that you want in your photographs is in place. We are your 'eyes' and check your table decorations, place cards and all the other details you have planned, are all in place. While we work with your venue and suppliers (caterers, photographer, videographer, musicians and evening entertainers) you can be assured that everything will run to time and that everyone knows when something (your receiving line or speeches etc,) are about to take place; so those important photographs are never missed. We will make sure you and your guests are relaxed and enjoying your day. If you have a Guest Book we will ensure that this is circulated so that all of your guests' names and best wishes are captured for you to look back on. You will have someone who will look after you every step of the way, to offer you advice and support before and during your day, and will make sure every eventuality is covered. All the small details that make such a huge difference to you, on your day, will be taken care of. This allows you and your guests time to relax, enjoy yourselves, and have fun!! We can help with speech writing, as well as offering advice to the speakers to ensure they are relaxed and give a speech that will be remembered for a very long time. We announce the cake cutting, tossing the bouquet and first dance. We can offer suggestions and recommendations for all aspects of your wedding day. The list goes on and on really, The best way to put it in a nutshell would be, whatever you have planned, we will ensure it happens. THIS APPLIES TO ALL TOASTMASTERS IN THE BTC. BEFORE BOOKING ANOTHER TOASTMASTER, ASK HIM IF HE CAN MATCH IT.